Who we are

cookies_copywrittenWe are passionate about POS

POS Insights is determined to reduce waste within the POS industry. This is not only driven by our environmental principles but the will to help our clients succeed. We deeply care about what we do and want to make POS as effective as possible, through design, chosen format and delivery.

Over the last 20 years we have worked across many channels and categories for hard-hitting brands, retailers and supporting agencies.

We work with a range of trusted partners to help us achieve these goals across both Insights and Merchandising services. This gives us flexibility in methodology and allows a more cost-effective approach.



DO_IMG_0429Our Founder: Dawn Odoi

A Member of the Market Research Society, and founder of POS Insights, Dawn has 20+ solid years of experience in gathering Insights. Specialising within POS for the last 15, her experience has been shaped through her work with close too 100 national and multi-national brands and retailers. A small sample of these include:

Argos, Asda, Beiersdorf, Booker, Boots, Coca-Cola, Disney, Dove, Homebase, IHG, Morrisons, Poundland, P&G, Thornton’s, Sainsbury’s, Sony and TCF.

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