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Compliance and ROI is at the heart of what we do. There is no debate, an informed planning process is the key to effective Merchandising.

We are in store every day. With access to a field team covering the UK and Ireland, and associated partners in Europe, we plan for the ultimate stage in the POS journey – the delivery.

  • Our hands on, insights-led approach means our merchandisers are fully informed, enabling us to maximise the sales opportunity from every visit made
  • Collecting the right data to inform future campaigns, means we cover all angles giving a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities to address
  • Conducting fixture reviews means we can ensure your POS is targeted, reducing waste

We are 100% driven by improving your Compliance and maximising your ROI.

Plan for more effective campaigns in:


98.5% POS compliance on a major product launch

Increased hot spot compliance by 73% for one health and beauty brand

Audited 500,000 pieces of POS data across one retailer’s estate