Fantastic POS finds in a developing country

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Sri Lanka is a truly amazing country. But one of the most unexpected surprises was the outstanding delivery of POS across grocery multiples.

Let’s take some specific examples to illustrate what was so good and to facilitate some shopper marketing, blue sky thinking.

  1. Gondola Ends in grocery

Utter brilliance. These were proud areas used as show case space, making for a more visually arresting experience.  This was absolutely not about deals and price.

63A09ECB-CBB3-4183-9E42-E1813C7130B6Knorr illustrates what the grocery channel should be about; inspiration and intrigue.  Generating engagement by encouraging shoppers to print free recipes of their choice, with the opportunity for a good product range to support. Branding on this POS was second to none.








IMG_6224Anchor garner attention through impact, an amazing Gondola End delivery for UHT milk. Even though it is introducing a new product, there is no offer or promotion, thus retaining product quality cues.









  1. Use of props

00A045E1-99C8-45A3-B875-46151CDBF6F4It might seem unnatural to use a loo as a POS prop in a grocery store.  But the point is Domex (Domestos) are telling a story in a straight forward manner. Supported only with a product pack and a simple poster to get the message across.  DIY sheds present a plethora of opportunities for this kind of activity.







  1. Simplicity of message

IMAG0322Probably driven by the complexity of multiple languages, text communication is minimal, so the use of good quality visual cues is all the more important as seen on this Velvet shelf enhancer.  This is equally important in the UK, as we consider our multi national population, shoppers with visual challenges (DDA) and the UKs average reading age of a 9-year-old.



  1. Cross category promotion

CBBB2503-0A40-4015-AD6B-2518155E64A3We do this too, however using POS, the strength, visibility and penetration by Nutella in this busy bread category is exceptional.





  1. Use of floor space

01D7A998-BE72-4C0C-A2AC-4F9E26DD52C6The shaped gondolas are creating destination zones in the baby category for Pampers.  They are easy to navigate and accommodate branded communication at eye level making this a robust display with browse appeal.  This approach could work across a multitude of channels and categories.




So from a shopper marketing perspective what are the key take outs from this?

  1. Simplicity, not least around communication, a picture not only paints a thousand words but widens target audience too
  2. Attraction and visual interest is increased through a variety of props, substrates and/or digital tools, enhancing shopper experience
  3. Accentuation of product benefits, to move away from the price trap
  4. Identification and leveraging of cross category opportunities for the benefit of both parties
  5. And as an overall observation, this is brand and shopper lead communication, not retailer. In other words, truly tapping into the shopper need states, and therefore surely making grocery shopping a more enjoyable experience

These are only a few examples of the fabulous POS seen, click here to see more.

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This post was written by Dawn Odoi

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