We make POS work harder

Working with brands, retailers and their supporting agencies we maximise the power of POS.  Benefitting from years of experience in Shopper Insights, Merchandising, and the creation and delivery of POS, we understand the challenges and opportunities along the way.

Harnessing broad, deep and practical working knowledge of POS, in conjunction with the Shopper Insights we collect and Merchandising services we deliver – our rounded experience shortcuts the learning process to successful campaigns.

Saving you time. Saving your money. Maximising POS return.


50% sales uplift for non-promo beer brand in top 4 grocer

1 piece of POS sparked 136,575 shoppers’ interest in a retailer

Increased hot spot compliance by 73% for one health and beauty brand

98.5% POS compliance on a major product launch

Our thoughts on:

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Mar 23 2017
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Nov 29 2016
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Short on time and need to keep up to date with best practices in POS across multiple channels to aid planning for future campaigns? Our snapshots focus on peak seasons and events across all channels. We do the legwork for you, by collating hundreds of photographs to showcase the best in POS delivered by brands and retailers, along with other key retail activity – so you get the complete picture.

It’s a comparatively small investment for the value a Snapshot brings.

What our clients say about us:

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We were delighted! Compliance is a tricky one, but we doubled the effectiveness of our POS placement by utilising the high quality, focused information from POS Insights. The thoroughness & depth of the Insights study will now ensure that we adopt a much more targeted approach for all future campaign planning, delivering less waste and a much improved ROI !

Account Director Home Ents October 21, 2015

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Competent, quick, reliable and knowledgeable.  I have been in the POS industry for 25 years and this is my first port of call for shopper insights and any field merchandising related activity.  They know what they are doing and how best to achieve success, making recommendations along the way. Totally trustworthy, I know I can relax and my clients will be happy when a project is in their hands.

Account Director POS agency October 21, 2015

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As a Shopper Marketing Agency, we put the shopper at the heart of everything we do. Finding and using Searing Insights™ makes the difference in the relevance and effectiveness of our campaigns. Mikiya Insights has been a foundation to help us deliver that difference. We consider Dawn and her team a true extension of our team. That says it all about who they are.

Managing Director Shopper Marketing Agency October 21, 2015